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Someone needs to hear this.

If you've got a prolapse and you've lost hope of ever feeling like yourself again, this is for you.

I'm going to share a story about one of my clients - Michelle* (who has kindly given me permission to share her story). I remember speaking with her on the phone and getting goosebumps knowing Create Lift would be amazing for her - but also the reality that she had a significant prolapse diagnosis and would it be enough? We were up for the challenge!

When we started working together, she had been advised by a private consultant that there wasn't anything they could do - her prolapse was fairly advanced at a grade 2-3 posterior wall (rectocele) and 2.5-3 anterior wall (cystocele) prolapse. They had advised a pessary and then if that didn't help - surgery.

She was feeling pretty hopeless as you can imagine. BUT amazing things can happen when you hit rockbottom.

Michelle's prolapse recovery story:

"I went through a period of mourning my old body, the one that worked and didn't have a prolapse. I felt broken and ugly. I felt very low and felt sorry for my self. I also felt like I'd failed my self, my husband and my kids because my prolapse affected my level of activity and my self esteem.

I had problems with a lot of stress incontinence, major problems with my rectocele and bowl movements.

I also had a lot of pain, dragging feeling and discomfort all the time"

We worked together for 14 weeks and ...FAST FORWARDS to the end of the programme - the improvements she experienced in her symptoms have been AMAZING!

"The biggest thing for me was that the program gave me hope and I really needed hope. Alice was amazing! She was so understanding, helpful and empathetic. I started noticing a change in just a few weeks and now I feel so much better and almost back to normal most days. My rectocele symptoms have improved dramatically and also the stress incontinence. I now no longer need to constantly keep changing my underwear or wear a liner - as I don't need to use pads anymore.

Thank you for giving me hope!"

Here are Michelle's before and after symptoms scores - you can see how the scores have changed and why she's feeling so much better (happy dance!):

[Btw, the blue bars are where she started, the pink bars are now - if there's no pink bar she had a 100% improvement]

Being diagnosed with a prolapse can be a REALLY rough time in our lives - but there is HOPE and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

We'd love to support you through our specialist hypopressives programme - Create Lift - so you can feel like yourself again - if you'd like to get started, book a call today and we'll be in touch to arrange a chat!

Alice and the Create Lift Team xx

*name has been changed

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Susan Foster
Susan Foster
May 31, 2022

Absolutely wonderful and I can confirm Hypopressives have been exactly what I needed too. Since beginning regular practice two years ago the benefits from the breathing and the creating lift have been immense, from better feelings of well being, to more stamina, to not wetting myself and no more experiencing those horrid dragging or bulging sensations. A life changing therapy I recommend to all women.

Alice Housman
Alice Housman
May 31, 2022
Replying to

Thank you so much Sue for your wonderful feedback! Alice x

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