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A proven hypopressives programme to reduce or eliminate your prolapse & leaking symptoms so you can live your life confidently.

We're recommended by physiotherapists, midwives and medical practitioners

"I've been able to improve my grade 2 rectocele to a grade 1."

~ Anon

Create Lift is our life-changing 14 week one-to-one​ coaching programme. Book a free call with myself or one of our team to discuss whether it's right for you.

PRICE: £699
Instalment options (programme runs for 14 weeks):
£234 per month for 3 months, £117 for 6 months, or £59 for 12 months.

1 hour session to start, followed by 10 x 30 min session spread over the 14 weeks.
Tailored progressions through the programme.
Online practise videos to guide you between sessions.
Anytime support from your coach via WhatsApp.
Symptom improvement monitoring.
Ongoing access to the videos post-programme.




Book a free 15 min call with a Create Lift Coach


Sign up for the 
Create Lift Programme


Start feeling the difference 
in just a few weeks

"I cannot believe how effective this programme is. Six months of dedication to pelvic floor exercises did nothing for my symptoms and I was resigned to a life dominated by my prolapse.

Thanks to Alice, 
I'm now almost entirely symptom free and living my life fully again!"

~ S. L.

In-person training or via video call:

All our team work via video call (our clients are all over the world) or you can can choose to work with a coach in your local area.



NORFOLK - Alice, Emily, Hannah & Claire

SUFFOLK - Abby, Lucy




LONDON - Tracey & Anne


AUSTRALIA, Sydney - Jenny

Hi, I'm Alice!

I'm a former gynaecology nurse and founder of the Create Lift Programme ®.
I experienced a grade 2 prolapse after the birth of my 3rd baby and hypopressives changed my life!

Contact details:
If you'd like to workwith me, you can get in touch at to book a free 15 min call (please check your junk folder if you don't see a reply).
Or send me a WhatsApp message on 07703 015295 and I'll get back to you.

I currently work on a Wednesday 9am-5.30pm and a Friday 7am-1pm.


Hi, I'm Emily!

I started working alongside Alice when I saw the incredible impact hypopressives was having for women with pelvic floor issues. As a midwife I'm so passionate about ensuring women get great care pre, during and post pregnancy, and I love being able to offer this life changing programme to women.

I've completed extensive training in Hypopressives Level 1 and 2, and run pregnancy classes for women and couples using hypopressives, biomechanics for birth, hypnobirthing and Imagery.

I'm based in Norfolk, UK.

Contact details:
Mob: 07591 617012

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Hi, I'm Jana!

I'm a Certified Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist and have gained extensive training in Hypopressives Level 1 and 2. I also have 15 years of experience as a fitness professional, specialising in GP referrals and cardiac rehabilitation.

My focus shifted to women's health due to my own experience of triple prolapse after having my children. The only medical option I faced was surgery. Luckily, I came across hypopressives which was life changing. I am passionate about and committed to supporting women with pelvic floor issues.

I'm based in Northern Ireland.

Contact details:
Mob: 07849 312745

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Hi, I'm Annika!


I was personally helped by Alice's Create Lift Programme after I struggled with a prolapse following the birth of my second baby.

I'm a pelvic health physiotherapist in the NHS and a Create Lift Programme Coach helping women to overcome their pelvic floor struggles.

I'm based in Malmesbury, Wiltshire.

Contact details:

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Hi, I'm Abby!

I work as both a Create Lift Coach, and a Specialist Midwife in Perinatal Mental Health. I know what a huge impact pelvic floor difficulties can have on someone's life, their mental health and their overall wellbeing. I'm really passionate about supporting women to get their confidence back and feel their best

I'm based on the Norfolk / Suffolk border.

Contact details:

Mob: 07545 551932

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Hi, I'm Tracey!

I'm a women's health physio with a specialist interest in pessaries and work at the White Hart Clinic in London.


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Hi, I'm Hannah!

I have a qualification in Occupational Therapy and a background in supporting people to achieve what's meaningful and important to them. Hypopressives has had such a positive impact for me after having my children. I now want support other women to get their confidence back and enjoy their life to the fullest.

I'm based near Norwich, Norfolk.

Contact details:
Mob: 07795 322176

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I am both a practising Acupuncturist and a Create Lift Coach. In acupuncture we work a lot on rebalancing the body and we treat the mind and body together - which is one of the reasons I love hypopressives - because they treat the whole body.

I'm really passionate about helping women be the best 'me' they can be.

I'm based in Bath.

Contact details:
Mob: 07974 662381

Hi, I'm Kate!


Hi, I'm Claire!

I'm a women's health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist working in private practise. I enjoy working with women to help them overcome their pelvic floor issues and other health conditions that may be holding them back, helping them return to living an active life that they love. Having taught pilates for years I became interested in hypopressives as another method to help women improve their posture, core and pelvic floor and to offer an alternative method that is fun to practise for those who have not benefitted from traditional pelvic floor exercises.

I'm based in Norwich city, Norfolk. 

Contact details:
Mobile: 07776 044304


Hi, I'm Jenny!

I'm a qualified Pilates instructor and certified Create Lift coach.

I experienced a prolapse after the birth of my first child and hypopressives helped me regain my strength to get back to doing what I love. As a Create Lift coach, my goal is to empower and support women to feel confident, strong and in control of their bodies.

I'm based in Sydney Australia.

Contact details:
Mob: +61 41 636 9934

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Hi, I'm Kirsty!

I'm a fully Certified Hypopressives Trainer having completed my training in Level 1 ,2, 3 and the certification case study. I am a qualified Pre and Postnatal fitness coach, with extensive experience of working with women through pregnancy and after birth, as well as those who are struggling with their pelvic floor and the menopause.

I have worked with women across the world to successfully take back control of their pelvic floor, and I love helping them to discover a new lease of life that is not ruled by their pelvic floor problems.

I am based in North Wales.

Contact details:


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I'm an experienced Pilates instructor and passionate about helping people lead a healthier life, feeling stronger and more flexible. I feel pelvic health is an extremely important aspect of general wellbeing.

I have personally benefitted from doing Hypopressives with Alice after having symptoms for many years since having children, and in turn would love to help others in similar circumstances. It's also so beneficial for posture, strength and mental wellbeing.

I'm based in Paignton, Torbay, Devon.

Contact details:
Mob: 07596 124966

Hi, I'm Serena!

Serena's pic.jpg

Hi, I'm Anne!

Many years ago after the birth of my 2 children (now adults), I was told that I had "a prolapse from my bowel" and that I "would have to get it fixed [surgically] at some point." I accepted this and duly underwent surgery 5 years ago despite not really having symptoms! Imagine my horror when, 2 years ago I started experiencing, at times, severe symptoms! I was reluctant to go down the surgery route again, particularly as it had essentially failed me the first time. I consulted a physiotherapist, which eventually led me to hypopressives. 

I have been a qualified yoga teacher since 2017 and have now become a passionate advocate of pelvic health and am convinced that hypopressives is a very powerful tool in controlling and managing prolapse. I am very grateful to Alice for creating Hypopressives with Alice and for her tireless quest in gathering evidence in support of the efficacy of hypopressives for pelvic health. 

I am based in London and would love to have to opportunity to help fellow Londoners, of any age, manage their prolapse symptoms and generally improve their day-to-day pelvic floor health.

Contact details:
Mob: 07905 533422

Anne pic.jpeg

Hi, I'm Cara!

I'm a Certified Fitness Instructor, PT, Pilates and Yoga Instructor with 14 years experience. My journey to the Create Lift Programme started with a prolapse after the birth of my little girl in 2015. From my experience, pelvic floor dysfunction rehabilitation can be a life consuming journey, if you don't have good professional guidance and support from the beginning. It's easy to get overwhelmed or stuck and give up hope. Due to my experience working in health & fitness, I had made a lot of progress myself, but Hypopressives with Alice provided the missing link, the last piece of the puzzle. Until then, I still experienced stabbing pelvic pain on certain routes when rock climbing, but now I'm pain free again and better than I was before!

I'm thrilled to be able to share the tips and proven techniques that helped me with my own recovery and to be able to confidently support others through an effective, simple, quick and natural recovery with the Create Lift Programme ®.
I'm based out of my studio in Wexford in south east Ireland and offer both 'in-person' coaching locally or 1:1 online coaching from my virtual studio to wherever you are.

Contact details:
Mob: +35 3872273203

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Hi, I'm Lucy!

I'm a qualified Yoga teacher with over 20 years experience and a mother of 2.

I discovered hypopressives when my own symptoms suddenly became more noticeable post-menopause. I also wanted to educate myself so that I could better support my yoga students as they move through the menopause journey. 

To see the incredible symptom improvements and to finally see the taboo being lifted on conversations around prolapse and incontinence is so rewarding. Spending just 15 minutes a day doing hypopressives can produce life-changing results.

I offer 1:1 coaching online or in my studio in the Suffolk / Essex border.

Contact details:

Mobile: 07831 384118

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"The course for me was worth every penny. In these 3 short months the improvements I have seen are astounding''


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