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Is your pelvic floor calling the shots?

After I had my third baby, I knew immediately that something wasn't right down there. We had just moved house, and there was already a lot going on - but I remember being in the shower thinking - this is it, I've got a prolapse - and panicking that it felt too far gone for anything other then surgery.

Being a nurse, and having worked in gynaecology, I knew that going down the surgical route at 34 was not a good option.

To cut a long story short - 18 months on, nothing was helping, and if anything, it felt like it was getting worse. As you can imagine, I was pretty desperate by the time I stumbled across hypopressives in a 'pelvic floor - help' search.

Was I sceptical - yes. Did I get on it straight away - no, but when I did, I wished I had sooner.

Why - because hypopressives turns pelvic floor treatment as we know it on its head:

  • Instead of squeezing from below - we're LIFTING from above (more about that gem here)

  • We're optimising that background, AUTOMATIC response of our pelvic floor (more here)

  • It doesn't take over your life with multiple daily sessions - wahoo!

Also, imagine doing a pelvic floor exercise that's actually really enjoyable and relaxing, that gives you lots of other whole body benefits including super charging your sex life - I know, hard to imagine, right?!!

Women we work with are consistently scoring on average a 75% improvement in their prolapse symptoms - which is MASSIVE - and other women are ditching the pads for good. Working 1:1 is key - we monitor your progress and keep you on track because no one wants their pelvic floor to be calling the shots.

And, if you're thinking it won't work for you, think again - post menopausal women are getting brilliant results too - in fact their scores are even better as a group with a whopping 86% improvement on average.

If you're ready to take back control and take the next steps, get in touch with us today - our small team of specially trained coaches are ready to take you through the programme, so you can stop worrying about your pelvic floor and live your life confidently.

Find a coach today by clicking here

We're looking forward to working with you,

Alice xx

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