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Having a prolapse felt like a life sentence

Things were so different a few years ago, living with a prolapse and struggling to do day-to-day activities. I couldn't see a way beyond having to learn to live with it.

I've just got back from a wonderful week away on the west coach of Scotland with my family. Lots of swimming (SO cold!), picnics, walking, exploring... and I know that before hypopressives, ALL of those things would have been overwhelming, involving a lot of limitations because of my symptoms (needing to pee all the time, heaviness, dragging etc), and being worried about making my prolapse worse.

It feels like a small miracle that I didn't give my prolapse a second thought (and that I rarely do nowadays). ZERO symptoms and joining in with everything without worrying.

Prolapse can feel like such a hopeless situation but here is hope and you CAN feel better.

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