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Your Sex Life..What, if Anything can Hypopressives do?

This is a really important topic for us women, particularly after babies or after the menopause. Our bodies change and so does sex.

I've been talking to some of the women I've been working with about how sex improves with Hypopressives.

They're experiencing increased sensation during sex and longer and more intense orgasms.

Not only are women enjoying sex more - but it's less painful or pain free now, and their vagina tone feels hugely improved.

I've worked with women who are able to use tampons again after Hypopressives, so it makes sense that Hypopressives work to tone the vagina, whilst deeply strengthening the pelvic floor and the deep muscles supporting the pelvic organs.

So how much time do you need? And how long does it take to see results?

10-15 mins a day, over about 8 weeks. So, are you in?! Book onto a programme today via the homepage or programme options tab.

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