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Imagine not worrying about your pelvic floor every. single. day.

Pelvic floor worries can dictate our lives - what we think about, what we feel we can and can't do and can make us feel uncertain about the future. I went through a stage where I was hardly leaving the house, and was told (at 34!) that if my symptoms didn't improve I'd need surgery. I'm so glad I kept searching for a solution, but it took me ages to finally stumble across hypopressives!

I decided that I wanted to spread the word so more women didn't have to search as hard as I did, feel trapped by their symptoms or feel surgery is their only option. And that was when I trained and my work with women evolved into the Create Lift® Programme, and now a team of coaches. Hypopressives is still not mainstream in pelvic health in the UK, but we hope that by providing an evidence-based world-class hypopressives programme, we can help make this happen.

We work hard to put the women we work with and coaching excellence at the heart of our hypopressives training.

I shared these pics over on my instagram this week and wanted to share it here too - if you've got a prolapse or incontinence symptoms, this is what we do. We're honoured that so many women trust us to help them get back to living their lives confidently. The testimonials we get blow me away - this hypopressives programme works and gets consistently good results for the women we work with - and that's what it's all about!

More below about what we do and how you can get started.

Alice x

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