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Hypopressives for prolapse (after Hysterectomy) - Testimonial

Developing a large, pink protruding ball of a prolapse, after heavy lifting (a tree

in a large terracotta pot into the back of a trailer!) I was traumatised and

hampered in my thrice weekly dance classes and twice weekly tennis matches.

The dull dragging, heavy feeling and the ball between my legs were

unpleasantly unfamiliar, and I was also experiencing regular urinary leakages.

I knew it was a prolapse and what the prognosis would be: exercises, a

pessary or surgery. I wasn’t keen on the latter two options so contacted

Hypopressives with Alice.

Alice immediately was reassuring and explained very clearly that her

programme of exercise was based of breathing techniques and gentle physical

movement. I did one of her ‘Taster’ sessions and I liked her cheerful positivity,

her clarity of explanation and her instruction manner. She is a warm person

and has a wealth of qualifications, knowledge and experience.

I then enrolled on Alice’s Create Lift (level 1) programme. It was the very best

gift I have ever given myself and absolutely 100% worth every penny. After

only eight weeks of ten to twenty minutes a day of practising what Alice has

taught me my prolapse symptoms have significantly lessened. I no longer have

leakage problems. I am back dancing and playing tennis with strenuous

confidence (I am even able to jump, which wasn’t possible without the

prolapse appearing before) AND I feel so good! That horrid ‘dragging’ feeling

between my legs has gone. The depth of breathing during the programme and

the subsequent exercising of internal muscles have also ‘toned’ my torso and I

have actually lost an inch from my waist! Amazing.

I am so impressed and happy in this programme, and with Alice as a very

skilled, affable and compassionate teacher that I am going to enrol on her level

2 programme in early 2021.

I am so grateful that Alice has not only helped me to relieve prolapse

symptoms but she has empowered me to ‘heal myself’ giving me the tools to

keep my core strong, my health good and my frame of mind happy and

confident. I highly recommend this brilliant programme and Alice. She has

helped me immensely.


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