Hypopressives for Pregnancy & Create Lift Programme

Are you pregnant? Worried about your pelvic floor or want to work on your breathing and alignment during pregnancy?

Hypopressives bring some amazing benefits during pregnancy and the postnatal period. The antenatal & postnatal recovery programme gives you all you need to get the maximum benefits of Hypopressives during your pregnancy and postnatally.

So what are the benefits of Hypopressives during pregnancy?

  • ALIGNMENT -  improving your posture and back strength can help you have a more comfortable pregnancy, encourage your baby into a better position, and help reduce pressure along the lines alba at the front of your tummy.

  • PSOAS MUSCLE - you want to keep this important muscle juicy and hydrated, so it can better support your growing baby. Enabling the psoas muscle to stay super functional will also really help when the time comes to birth your baby.

  • MYOFASCIAL RELEASE - the lateral breathing facilitates the release of fascia, which is really important during pregnancy.

  • LATERAL BREATHING - this helps to keep your rib cage in an ideal central position, reducing the risk of getting a high lordosis in your back during pregnancy. It also calms the vagus nerve so it's really relaxing. Getting good synergy between your diaphragm and pelvic floor is great for your pelvic floor muscles and also means that the breath will work in a much more positive way to move your baby down the birth canal. 

And postnatally? Hypopressives have been used in France and Spain for postnatal recovery for decades, and are becoming increasingly popular in the UK - here are some of the benefits:

  • Targeted pelvic floor symptom relief

  • Prolapse symptom reduction

  • Safe core strengthening technique

  • Reduces tummy gaps

  • Tummy toning and waist reducing

  • Strengthens the back and improves posture

  • Better sex

  • Time efficient

What's included?

Hypopressives for Pregnancy:

  • 4 x 30 min sessions of 1:1 coaching with me so you feel confident with the technique

  • Pregnancy Online Programme - you'll be learning the Hypopressives poses for pregnancy and lateral breathing (without the apnea)

  • The online programme includes over 70 mins of teaching and practise videos, and includes the Wall Series for pregnancy

  • Comprehensive pre programme symptom screen

  • Anytime support from Alice via email / WhatsApp

After your baby is born, advise on safe gentle breathing exercises to aid healing.

Create Lift Programme: starting from 6-12 weeks after the birth

  • 8 x 30 min sessions of 1:1 coaching over 10-12 weeks 

  • Highly personalised 1:1 recovery / symptom improvement programme

  • Repeat symptom screen

  • Anytime support from Alice via email / WhatsApp

  • Over 120 mins of online teaching and mini practise videos

  • Ongoing access to the Pregnancy and Create Lift programmes

  • Level 2 Online Programme included