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How long does it take for hypopressives to work?

This is one of the first things women want to know when they start working with us - and we have some exciting prolapse improvement stats to share about Create Lift®.

Interestingly there wasn't much data available on this when I first started coaching hypopressives back in 2018. It was known that lots of women experienced improvements but the time frames and other details about progress, like how long does it usually take for prolapse symptoms to halve (which I'll talk about later on), and are there any normal trends in improvements, weren't really clear.

Anyone who knows me well, knows that that would be enough for me to want to find out (!), so after quite a few years of data collection (and some sweat and a few tears - no one told me doing data collection would be so hard and take so long!), and seeing hundreds of truly amazing women through the programme we can now give you some answers.

The data here is just for women who have worked with us one-to-one, which might help explain why these results (and the rest of the Create Lift® Programme research results soon to be published) are so fantastic. Also these results are just for women with a diagnosed prolapse, but the trend is similar for women with an undiagnosed prolapse and those with other pelvic floor symptoms like incontinence:

So, how long does it take to see improvements in the prolapse symptoms with Create Lift® hypopressives?

  • 66% of women start improving by 4 weeks;

  • 89% of women start improving by 6 weeks;

  • 100% of women by 8 weeks.

We have also found that women tend to see their prolapse symptoms halve by about 8 weeks and then halve again by week 14. So for example if a women scores 10/10 for 'a feeling of something coming down from or into the vagina' at the start of the programme, (indicating symptoms all the time) - we expect this to come down to 5 by 8 weeks and then down to 2 or 3 by the end of the programme. These trends are really important and help us monitor progress and troubleshoot.

Thanks so much for reading! If you'd like to to find out more about the Create Lift Programme, you can book onto a taster or book a free 15 min call with myself or one of the team.

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