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Live your life confidently with an amazing exercise that lifts and supports your pelvic floor & strengthens your core

Hypopressives with Alice

Improve symptoms

Feel like yourself again

Avoid surgery

It's no fun when you've been working hard at exercises that don't seem to help, and you're still experiencing daily discomfort or avoiding activities that might cause embarrassing symptoms

You're not alone

Research suggests as many as half of us have a prolapse at some point in our lives, and 1 in 3 women experience leaking. 


If you feel like you've tried everything or are worried about things getting worse, don't lose hope. I teach an amazing technique called Hypopressives - it gets your pelvic floor and core to work efficiently (blissfully) in the background.


I offer a highly specialised 1:1 programme called Create Lift and I've worked with hundreds of women across the UK and around the world who have massively improved or eliminated prolapse and bladder symptoms.


Mother and Daughter

Women report significant improvements with the Create Lift Programme in:

  • Prolapse symptoms

  • Prolapse grade

  • Low heaviness

  • Bladder control

  • Night waking to wee

  • Core strength

  • Diastasis recti

  • Tummy tone & waistline

  • Sex life

  • Posture

"I returned to my physio after 6 weeks of Hypopressives. She was amazed and said the prolapse was 'barely there' " 


Create Lift 1-2-1 Programme 2020*

Women who had a grade 1 or 2 prolapse reported on average:

82% improvement in their symptoms overall

77% reduction in feeling of something coming down

81% reduction in uncomfortable low heaviness

86% improvement in their quality of life

 *Using Hagen, S. et al (2009) "Psychometric properties of the pelvic organ symptom score"

You can enjoy these life changing improvements too

"No sign of my [grade 2] prolapse now - I even got my physio to check in standing! So pleased all the hard work has been worth it


As seen on the              

February 2020


What Women's Health Physiotherapists are saying about Hypopressives:

"Hypopressives are definitely a beneficial tool for pelvic floor dysfunction

Vivienne Byrne, Women's Health Physiotherapist and Hypopressives Trainer

"Discovering Hypopressives feels like I've found the missing key"

Miriam Evans, NHS Pelvic Health Physiotherapist, Hypopressives Trainer

Powys Teaching Health Board

Create Lift Programme


  • Highly personalised symptom improvement programme
  • Private sessions online or in person (Norfolk, UK)
  • 5 hours 1:1 coaching with Alice
  • Anytime support for 12 weeks
  • Recommended by Consultant Gynaecologist

Step 2:

Sign up for the Create Lift Programme 

Step 3:

Start feeling the difference in just a few weeks

"After 6 weeks of Hypopressives, my stress and urge incontinence had gone completely


Hi, I'm Alice!

I understand what it feels like to live with significant pelvic floor symptoms - that awful heavy feeling, and the fear of coughing or sneezing unexpectedly. But it doesn't have to be this way. After my own frustrations of living with a grade 2 prolapse and not seeing progress with the normal treatments, I came across Hypopressives.

Hypopressives is an exciting technique which generates a deep, contraction of the core and pelvic floor muscles. It's also a whole body strengthening and myofascial release technique which leaves you feeling great. But the best thing is, it works fast. Most of the women I work with start noticing improvements by 3-4 weeks. 

With long waiting lists for physiotherapy and surgery, many women are massively reducing or even eliminating their symptoms now using this very effective technique - all in the privacy and comfort of their own home.

I'm one of only two Hypopressives trainers in the UK who are accredited with the International Hypopressives Council (IHC).


I offer a highly personalised 1:1 Hypopressives coaching programme called Create Lift.


I also run Advanced and Super Advanced group sessions for women who have completed the Create Lift Programme.


My professional background is in Gynaecology Nursing and Contraception and Sexual Health Specialist Nursing. I'm married to Mike who is an anaesthetist and we have three children.

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Create Lift testimonials & Symptom Improvement Graphs


Green bars indicate the only symptoms remaining for women at 12 weeks

"Alice is completely focused on helping you achieve the improvements you need


Frequently asked questions

Do you offer group sessions for beginners?

Create Lift is a symptom improvement programme where I'll work with you over 12 weeks to get your symptoms either reduced as much as possible or eliminated. For the programme I offer, I can't deliver the same high levels of support and training needed in a group setting. After you have completed Create Lift, you can join the group classes I offer, but the foundations are so important to get right. If you want to learn Hypopressives because you have a prolapse or other pelvic floor symptoms, I would encourage you to find a trainer you feel comfortable working with 1:1 - in person or via video call. I've worked with many women who have tried to learn online on their own or in a large group setting with minimal or no 1:1s who have either unfortunately made their symptoms worse through doing the technique incorrectly, or who just haven't seen the improvements they were hoping for, and are left feeling disappointed. With more support and individualised coaching, many have gone on to gain life changing improvements. It really makes a massive difference.

Why is the programme 12 weeks?

I used to offer an 8 week programme, as most women I was working with were able to halve their symptoms during this time. However, with a slightly longer programme adding in some advanced poses, most women are now able to halve their symptoms again in the final 4 weeks. So this is the current programme set-up.

How often will I need to practise?

For the first week - 10 mins a day. After the first week - just 15 mins a day or 10 mins twice a day most days. Once you've completed the Create Lift Programme, maintenance practise is usually 10 mins 4 or 5 days a week.

I haven't been taught how to do the rib stretch - is this important?

When you stretch your ribs during the apnea breath, the diaphragm moves up like an umbrella, and the pelvic floor is also drawn up in an involuntary contraction. Although you will naturally get a rib stretch over time, it's better to start establishing this movement which helps release the diaphragm from the beginning. This way, you'll get more benefits from your practise. It also promotes deeper myofascial release - which helps release any tension which can be a major contributer to symptoms, increases the decongesting effect which helps reduce uncomfortable heaviness, and much more.

Why are there so many different poses?

Moving through the different poses with the breathing will help your pelvic floor move through as great a range of movement as possible - releasing tension and helping the muscles move more functionally. There are loaded, unloaded and neutral poses in Hypopressives and different arm movements. You'll notice that in some of the poses you'll feel the apnea breath or vacuum more strongly, and others less so, but all the poses are important - not just the ones you feel things lifting more.

Can I improve the grade of my prolapse?

Most women I work with are able to improve the grade of their prolapse, and report significantly less sensationg of the prolapse coming down or bulging. Many have returned to their physio to have their grade reduction confirmed. The most important thing though is that your symptoms overall are reduced and uncomfortable feelings that made you think about your prolapse all the time are signifiantly less, or resolved.

I've tried pelvic floor exercises, but haven't made much progress - will Hypopressive help?

Most of the women I work with have completed a supervised PFE programme, but are still experiencing significant symptoms. Hypopressives are a different type of pelvic floor exercise, and there are lots of reasons why it is a gamechanger for women who haven't progressed with traditional pelvic floor exercises: - For some women PFEs aren't suitable due to pelvic floor tension (hypertonic pelvic floor) - so Hypopressives are a great alternative which promotes myofascial release and with that symptom improvements. - Hypopressives work on involuntary muscle function so you can't overdo them and cause tightness - which is possible with PFEs. - The decongesting effect of Hypopressives reduces - and frequently completely gets rid of - feelings of heaviness which are one of the most highly reported symptoms in the women I work with - and the one that had a huge effect psycologically. The breathwork is key to this - it's not just about getting the pelvic floor to work more functionally. - Posture and alignment work is really key - Hypopressives will address this, and is something that might be impacting your progress.

I don't have a prolapse, but I want to help prevent it - can Hypopressive help?

Thanks to health care professionals working in women's health and social media, many more women want to strengthen their pelvic floor and help prevent problems in the future or after another baby. Hypopressives are a whole body strengthening and toning technique which targets your pelvic floor and core - improves you posture, tummy tone and your sex life, and helps promote strength, function and mobility in your pelvic floor. Lots of women are actually asymptomatic with a prolapse - so it's worth thinking about whether anything has changed - fo example - are you still able to use tampons? Is sex uncomfortable? These are a couple of common symptoms that can indicate mild problems which are great to address through Hypopressives.

I'm pregnant - can I do Hypopressives?

Yes - I work with women in their 2nd and 3rd trimester. We do lots of work on alignment / postural work, breathing and myofascial release. The aim is to keep your pelvic floor moving as much as possible with the breath work - without the breath hold and rib stretch. After you've had your baby, you can start the Create Lift Programme where we add in the apnea breath and more advanced poses to hep you recover. Some women have prolapse symptoms so we work to reduce these as much as possible during the pregnancy - some women want to do it to help reduce back pain, and keep their pelvic floor and whole body strong during the pregnancy.

What are your qualifications?

I'm a trained Adult Nurse (BSc Hons) and before having my 2nd baby, worked in gynaecology and then in contraception and sexual health as a specialist nurse. After my 2nd baby, I spent some time focusing on my family, and after experiencing a prolapse after my 3rd baby, discovered the magic of Hypopressives and now work solely as a Hypopressives trainer. I am one of only two Level 3 trainers in the UK working with the International Hypopressives Council (IHC) who are leading worldwide with research and developing training and good practise. I'm really grateful to Abby Lord who is leading our team in the UK and who I will be working alongside as a Master Trainer from 2022 - helping to bring high quality research based training to UK professionals. I offer a highly personalised 1:1 programme to anyone wanting to learn Hypopressives. For women I work with who have prolapse and other pelvic floor symptoms, I monitor their symptom improvements using a validated symptom screen - and am therefore able to audit the results women are getting through the Create Lift Programme. I also work with men, women and athletes who want to improve their posture, whole body strength and tone, and dive into the wonderful world of Hypopressives. There are so many benefits, and it's a really exciting technique becoming increasingly popular in the UK.

Do you offer Hypopressives for other reasons?

Yes - I do. I also work with men - particularly after prostate surgery, but also for nocturia, posture and whole body toning and strengthening work. I work with athletes who want to improve their sports performance. And I also work with women who don't have symptoms but want to help prevent them, and who are interested in the other benefits Hypopressives offer - such as cm's off their waist, core strength, posture improvements and more.

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