'Your Hypopressives Toolkit' next date March 7th 2020

Live your life confidently with transformed pelvic floor & core function through the Hypopressive technique

Hypopressives with Alice

Reduce symptoms

Know you're doing it right

Feel the difference

Life's too short to put up with problems or symptoms that could be fixed or improved

Have you tried treatments, but they haven't really helped, including pelvic floor exercises?

Are your symptoms on your mind, but life always seems to take over?

Do you avoid activities because of embarrassing symptoms?

Do you still have a tummy gap after pregnancy (diastasis recti)?

Do you want to exercise without leaking, using pads or that falling out feeling?


Are your symptoms getting you down or getting worse?

Hypopressives work efficiently to improve:

Leaking, stress & urge incontinence & frequency

Prolapse symptoms Grade 1&2

Post baby tummy gap / diastasis recti

Deep core strength, reducing your waist

Your sex life - less discomfort & more sensation

Your posture - increased muscle tone & strength

"The everyday discomfort / pain was really affecting my mood - that was the main challenge. I have learnt a skill that has helped me manage the condition and I've seen a vast improvement in my symptoms, and also my mood

Alaine (Grade 2 prolapse)

15 mins (most days) for 12 weeks





BBC Inside Out Programme, Look East 17th Feb 2020, Mesh surgery and Hypopressives - available on BBC iplayer





  • 4 hours 1-2-1 (in person or via video call)

  • Over 8 - 12 weeks

  • Online programme (worth £167)

  • Personal support from Alice


Your Hypopressives Toolkit

  • 5 hour focused workshop with Alice

  • 21 Day Challenge to start you off

  • Online programme (worth £167)

  • 30 min 1-2-1

  • Personal support from Alice

  • 8 - 12 week programme

  • 2 hour evening meet up to finish


Supported Online Programme

  • 8 week online step-by-step guide

  • Know you're doing it right

  • 1 hour 1-2-1 (in person or via video call)

  • Personal support from Alice


"I returned to my physio after 6 weeks of Hypopressives - she was amazed and said the prolapse was 'barely there'!" 


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Hi, I'm Alice

I really care about your personal progress and seeing you get great results with Hypopressives. I'll be working with you, helping you to keep motivated and on track.

I'm based in Norfolk (NR14) and can work with you in person or via video call. All the programmes include my online programme, with teaching and practise videos.

You'll be getting confident with the breathing technique and a dynamic posture 'flow' for your daily practise. And we'll be tracking your improvements during the programme too.

Having had a prolapse myself, I understand what it feels like to live with significant pelvic floor symptoms. My professional background is in gynaecology and sexual health nursing, and I qualified in 2018 to teach Hypopressives, with UK Hypopressives.

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5 things 'pads-for-leaking' Big Business don't want you to know

Step 1:

Choose a programme

Step 2:

Short daily practise

Step 3:

Feel & see the difference

"I'm now 14 weeks postnatal and have had moderate prolapse symptoms. I've been doing some PFEs, some pilates and yoga but mainly Hypopressives for the past few weeks and my symptoms have improved immensely" 

Rosie Taylor, Women's Health Physiotherapist


"I happily give up 10 mins a day to feel this way - it's given me my life back" 



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Your Hypopressives Toolkit


Price £229

8 - 12 week programme

What's included:

5 hour focused workshop, includes lunch

21 Day Challenge

Online programme (worth £167)

30 min 1-2-1

Before & after questionnaire

2 hour evening meet up to finish

Saturdays: 7th & 28th March, 18th April

Location: Haddiscoe Village Hall, Norfolk, NR14 6PN

Workshop: 10am-3pm

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