Live life confidently with transformed pelvic floor & core function

Hypopressives with Alice 


Hi, I'm Alice!


I'm a mum, and after qualifying as a nurse worked in gynaecology. I came across Hypopressives whilst looking for an alternative treatment to my significant prolapse symptoms and discomfort.


Following my dramatic recovery I was inspired to qualify to teach Hypopressives and now work with women in Norfolk and further afield who are looking for a no fuss core & pelvic floor strengthening technique, or a non surgical treatment option for pelvic organ prolapse & incontinence.

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Hypopressives Day Programme

Saturday 18th January 10am - 3.30pm

Haddiscoe, Norfolk, UK

What you can expect: 

  • Lots of fun learning Hypopressives in a group setting with one-to-one help

  • Start to master the breathing technique with different postures

  • Motivational tips and ideas to keep you on track

  • Inspirational stories from women I've been working with

  • Lots of info to take away so you can continue progressing at home

  • Symptom screening questionnaire

Email me for more details about the day and other dates alice@alicehousman.co.uk 

What are Hypopressives?

Hypopressives are a low pressure breathing technique used to efficiently re-programme, deeply tone and strengthen the pelvic floor and core. They are used by women and men - from postnatal mums to athletes and body builders.


Originally from Belgium, they have been used within women's physiotherapy for decades and within postnatal recovery programmes in France and Belgium. I have worked with many women who have dramatically  improved or eliminated their prolapse symptoms through practising Hypopressives.

Protect & Strengthen

  • Women Optimise your core and pelvic floor strength for sport, pilates & yoga; before pregnancy and postnatal recovery; improve your posture and your sex life.

  • Post natal mums Get ahead with your recovery, reduce your tummy gap & flatten your mummy tummy. Improve your posture, and strengthen your back, pelvic floor & core. Reduce symptoms of leaking, heaviness and prolapse. Protect against hernias.

  • Post menopausal women Recover from, or reduce symptoms of urge and stress incontinence & prolapse; improve your posture & sex life; reduce your waist.

  • Men Reduce prostate symptoms, help prevent hernia, strengthen your back, reduce your waist & improve sex life.

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My work is dedicated to inspiring intentional women, men and busy mums, to Live Life Confidently with a stronger Core & Pelvic Floor, through 10 - 15 mins of daily Hypopressives


After the programme you can reduce your practise time

Learn Hypopressives with Alice


Online Supported Programme


(Yes, that's you!)

Series One 

4 Week Beginners Programme

70 mins of teaching and practise videos 

1 hour of One-to-one with Alice & email support


Series Two 

4 Week Progression & Results Programme 

45 mins of teaching and practise videos 

and end of programme review

P.S. You can do it in your own time

Studio Sessions

Norfolk, UK


Pelvic Power Queen Programme

4 hours of One-to-One teaching with Alice

Symptoms screen Before and After (questionnaire)

8 - 10 Week focused Programme


Before & After

Recovery from a moderate prolapse

Before I'd seen both private and NHS physio for years for my moderate prolapse, but still felt uncomfortable most of the time despite pelvic floor exercises.

After Just 2 weeks into the programme, I started to notice an improvement in my core strength and symptoms. I now only get symptoms sometimes (or occasionally) and have been able to go back to step classes without any discomfort or uncomfortable pressure, something I was told I'd never be able to do. My tummy gap has also reduced from 2 cm to 1 cm. 


(Mum of 2 little ones)

Recovery from long term prolapse symptoms

Before I'd already had gynae surgery and seen a women's health physio, but I was concerned I needed more surgery for my symptoms, as exercise and life was becoming increasingly restricted. 

After During the programme (10 - 20 mins a day), the dragging sensation in my vagina stopped, and I now consider my symptoms as being between mild to normal. I also reduced my waist size which was complete surprise, and I've managed 9 holes of golf!

Jayne, 11 weeks of Hypopressives


Prolapse Repair Surgery 4 years ago)

Reversal of stress and urge incontinence post menopause

Before I haven't had children but after the menopause, I was experiencing both stress and urge incontinence which was embarrassing and frustrating. 

After 4 weeks into the programme (10 mins daily practise), I experienced a significant improvement in my symptoms - and after 6 weeks they had gone altogether. Now, I can not only hold on, but my body seems to have rediscovered what it used to do automatically.



Progress Pictures









11 weeks

15 mins most days

Diastasis reduced from

2 cm-1 cm over 8 weeks

(10 mins most days)

6 cm waist reduction over 11 weeks

(10-20 mins most days)

8 weeks

20 mins most days

These pictures show individual progress from clients I've worked with. Results from the programme will vary.