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Hi, I'm Alice!

Create Lift® been specially developed for women experiencing prolapse or incontinence. Women often come and work with us when other treatments haven't helped, haven't helped enough, or they've experienced a recurrence of symptoms following prolapse surgery.

I'm a former gynaecology nurse and founder of the Create Lift Programme ®.  I've taken hundred of women through the programme and I'd love to work with you! I charge £997 for the 3 month one-to-one Create Lift Programme.

You can get in touch with me at - I'd love to speak with you and see if the programme is a good fit for you!

Alice x

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"Alice is a wonderful, professional and lovely teacher. She makes you feel completely at ease and supported throughout the course''


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"I can honestly say that after working with Alice my life has completely changed. Alice has been wonderful from start to finish, and the support she provides is second to none" 


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"Thank you Alice. You have truly transformed life for me"


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