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A stronger core
Ongoing symptom improvements

Relaxation benefits
More energy
Better sex

Great posture & more!



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Welcome to the Create Lift Studio Group!

Whether you've just finished Create Lift and want to carry on with live teaching and support each week, or feel you want to re-connect again after a break - you'll start feeling amazing benefits with the classes in just a few weeks

Create Lift follow-on classes
2 x 30 min classes Monday & Thursday evenings 7.40-8.10pm
LIVE GROUP COACHING via ZOOM + Replays in private FB group

PRICE: £30 / month
(monthly subscription, cancel at anytime)

For the live classes:
Please position your camera so we can see you clearly in a well lit room

To get the most out of the classes you'll need: 
A mat & access to a wall for the wall poses
A soft spiky massage ball / tennis ball
A yoga block or a cushion to sit on
A small pilates ball (18-20cm) / cushion

Get ready to feel amazing!

Alice xoxo

P..S Look out for an email from Alice with all the 
details once you've signed up!

You can sign up below!

*Please exercise safely, and let me know if you have any changes in your health since you completed Create Lift so I can advise you accordingly
*Please let me know if anything has changed in your medical history since you completed the Level 1 (Create Lift) programme or if you have any medical problems which might stop you from safely taking part - these include heart problems, Ehler-Danlos vascular, uncontrolled blood pressure, hernia, heart problems and recent surgery.
 Please contact me before booking if you have any of the above, or want to check anything with me
*Please check the terms and conditions before signing up - in signing up you are confirming you are medically fit to take part on the classes
Please only do the pregnancy classes if you are pregnant - as you can't do the lying down poses or the breath holding

Create Lift Studio Group

  • Create Lift Studio

    Every month
    Create Lift follow-on classes

You can cancel through your website account at anytime

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