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Introducing the Create Lift Super Advanced Programme!

Hi everyone!

Level 3 is a Super Advanced Programme that will give you endless options to free flow your practise, up the challenge significantly and maximise the benefits to your body and pelvic floor!

So I can make sure you're ready for the Level 3 programme, you need to have already worked through the Level 2 Online Programme before signing up, or completed a minimum of 3-4 months of group classes.

The online programme includes detailed teaching on the new progressions, some amazing new poses to get stuck into - plus mini combinations of poses which show you how you can start combining different poses during one breathing cycle. Here things become a lot more challenging with the added neurodynamics work.

The Super Advanced Programme includes:

  • A 90 min Super Advanced Hypopressives Master Class

  • 4 weeks of guided online tuition - 90 mins of bite-sized teaching and practise videos (you'll have permanent access)

  • Optional - one month of FREE Advanced & Super Advanced Classes

Ongoing support after the first month:

  • You'll get automatic access to the 30 min Super Advanced Class each week** when you sign up for a month of classes (£30/month)

  • Or you'll be able to book just the Super Advanced weekly classes if you prefer (£20/month)

I look forward to welcoming you to the programme!

Alice x

** The Super Advanced Classes will run throughout May and then most weeks until the end of July. They will then become a permanent part of the group class monthly package from September - running each week (except for when I'm on holiday!)


If you want to do the Master Class with me one to one, please get in touch.


Super Advanced Create Lift Programme


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Limited spaces available

The Super Advanced Programme includes:

  • A 90 min Super Advanced Hypopressives Master Class

  • 4 week Online Programme - with 90 mins of bite-sized teaching & practise videos

  • Extra 30 min Super Advanced Class each week if you're in the Studio Group


Please let me know if anything has changed in your medical history since you completed the Level 1 (Create Lift) programme or if you have any medical problems which might stop you from safely taking part - these include heart problems, uncontrolled blood pressure, hernia and recent surgery.


Please contact me before booking if you have any of the above, or are pregnant - thank you!

Thank you for booking the Super Advanced Programme!

I'll be in touch with you soon.