Are you ready..?!


Introducing the Create Lift Super Advanced Programme!

Hi everyone!

Level 3 is a Super Advanced Programme that will give you endless options to free flow your practise, up the challenge and maximise the benefits to your body and pelvic floor! If you've already got a long breath hold, the classes aren't necessarily going to be more difficult, but the poses and progressions are more technical than Level 2.

The online programme includes detailed teaching on the new progressions, some amazing new poses to get stuck into - plus mini combinations of poses which show you how you can start combining different poses during one breathing cycle.

The Super Advanced Programme includes:

  • 4 weeks of guided online tuition - 90 mins of bite-sized teaching and practise videos

  • Weekly class included in monthly class subscription

  • Please note these classes are unlikely to run when I'm on holiday as finding cover if difficult at the moment

**Please watch the videos before you join your first Super Advanced Class**

I look forward to welcoming you to the classes!

Alice x