Create Lift Advanced

Level 2 Master Class


Live session via zoom

Limited spaces available


This is an ideal starting point if you're looking to move beyond the Create Lift poses.


I'll be giving you a comprehensive overview of the poses taught in the Level 2 Online Programme and in my weekly classes - which will challenge your core and whole body strength, taking your personal practise to a new level.

There's something here for everyone and I'll be showing you modifications you can make to the poses as needed - such as using a wall or chair for support.

To enable you to build your confidence and master the Level 2 poses, I offer weekly classes and a  Level 2 Online programme. The online programme will take you through all the poses step-by-step over 8 weeks - and  there are 3 amazing practise flows you can learn. You can join a month of classes at a time - 90 mins each week.

Give your core some LOVE

What's included?

  • Comprehensive introduction to the Level 2 poses - including lots of practise

  • Overview of the new Level 2 arm movements & asymmetrical progressions

  • Teaching on neck extensions & head curls 

  • Introduction to the Wall Series & Floor Series

  • Modifications to poses - using a wall or chair

  • Optimising your alignment to get the most out of Hypopressives

  • Breathing progressions for Level 2

Level 2 Master Class

Sunday 14th March 10-11.30pm


Please let me know if anything has changed in your medical history since you completed the Level 1 (Create Lift) programme or if you have any medical problems which might stop you from safely taking part - these include heart problems, uncontrolled blood pressure, hernia and recent surgery.


Please contact me before booking if you have any of the above, or are pregnant - thank you!

Thank you for booking into the Level 2 Master Class!

I'll be in touch with you soon.