Create Lift Taster Session

Friday 30th April


Session online via zoom

6 spaces available

Join me for a 1 hour practical introduction to Hypopressive exercises in a safe, supportive environment. I'll be teaching you the breathing technique - showing you how the lift feels and introducing you to some of the dynamic poses which are amazing for your pelvic floor and core. 

We'll be talking about why just 15 mins a day is enough for you to see significant changes in your life - including core strength, common bladder and pelvic floor symptoms, diastasis, tummy tone, sex life and sense of wellbeing.

You'll have the opportunity to complete a confidential symptom screen before the session if you'd like to.

All you need is Zoom and an exercise mat (booking form below).

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the session.

Alice x

p.s. If you'd prefer to have a quick (free) chat on the phone or a 1-2-1 taster via video call (£25 for 30 mins), please email me to arrange.

Create Lift 1 hour Group Taster