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Hypopressives are a breathing and postural technique which uses breath work and different poses to generate an automatic contraction of your pelvic floor and deep core muscles. 


It's incredibly effective at helping to improve or eliminate pelvic floor symptoms such as stress or urge incontinence and prolapse. 

We've developed an evidence based symptom improvement programme called Create Lift ® Hypopressives. Women we are working with are getting on average a 72% reduction in their prolapse symptoms and others are seeing life-changing improvements in their incontinence symptoms.

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Why are hypopressives so effective?

One of the reasons why hypopressives is so effective at relieving prolapse and incontinence symptoms is that it trains your pelvic floor to work better in the background - without you thinking about it.


So for example when you cough, laugh or jump - it helps your body respond protectively and automatically to the changes in intra-abdominal pressure - helping to keep you symptom free. It also improves the resting tone of your pelvic floor, helping you feel stronger and more confident.

The results we are seeing with women work with us are frequently life-changing. You can read about how hypopressives helps to lift prolapse here in this blog post. 

For lots more information on hypopressives and how it can help - head over to my blog post 'Pelvic floor - HELP!' here.

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Hypopresssives work deeply to create a 'vacuum' in the tummy and pelvic area which lifts the pelvic organs, improves deep muscle strength, releases tension and tone not only in your pelvic floor - but your whole body too.


The different poses in hypopressives help improve pelvic floor function, reduce unwanted pelvic floor symptoms and improve whole body tone and strength. There are more benefits too including fascia release, improved posture, balance and relaxation.


Who started hypopressives?

Hypopressives was originally developed in Spain, by Dr Marcel Caufriez, a physiotherapist, during the 1980s to effectively treat postnatal women experiencing prolapse and incontinence symptoms.

It's becoming increasingly popular in the UK within pelvic floor health and fitness.



Women we are working with report on average a 72% reduction in their prolapse symptoms including improvements in the following:

  • Prolapse symptoms

  • Prolapse grade / stage

  • Bladder symptoms

  • Stress incontinence

  • Urge incontinence

  • Core strength

  • Waistline

  • Sex life

  • Posture & more

For more information on Create Lift ® Hypopressives and programme testimonials:

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