Create Lift 90 min Refresh 

Saturday 13th March 10-11.30am

Live session via zoom

Limited spaces available


Give your pelvic floor some LOVE

What's included?

  • A refresh on the breathing technique

  • How to activate more rib stretch during the breath hold

  • Pelvic floor relaxation exercise

  • How to optimise your alignment

  • Recap of the 8 foundational poses - from standing to lying down

  • New diver and quadruped poses (added June 2020)

  • Introducing 6 NEW poses to increase core strength and specifically target prolapse and bladder symptoms (added June 2020)

  • How to tailor your practise to get the most out of Hypopressives

Hope to see you there!

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Alice x

Create Lift 90 min Refresh
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Please let me know if anything has changed in your medical history since you completed the Level 1 (Create Lift) programme or if you have any medical problems which might stop you from safely taking part - these include heart problems, uncontrolled blood pressure, hernia and recent surgery.


Please contact me before booking if you have any of the above, or are pregnant - thank you!