Create Lift Programme (L1)

Creat Lift Programme - START HERE!

Video 1: Introduction to the breathing technique

Video 2: Practising holding your breath (prep for rib stretch)

Video 3: How to check for a diastasis or tummy gap

Video 4: Getting the most out of the programme

Introduction videos

Video 1: Level one arm positions for the poses (internal and external rotation)

Video 2: Balance point shift during your practise

Video 3: Modifications for your practise

Video 4: Overview of the Hypopressives technique

  • Alignment

  • Muscle activation

  • Rib stretch

Video 5: Breathing DEMO and practise

MINI SERIES: Floor poses L1

Video 1: Lying down pose #1

Video 2: Lying down pose #2

Video 3: Lying down pose #3

Video 4: 90/90 and high leg poses - teaching and practise

Standing sequence L1

Video 1: Standing pose teaching

Video 2: Standing pose practise videos - internal rotation (arms)

Video 3: Standing pose practise videos - external rotation (arms)

Diver sequence L1

Video 1: Diver sequence teaching and demo

Video 2: Diver sequence practise

Video 3: Diver transition into kneeling pose

Kneeling pose L1

Video: Kneeling pose teaching and practise

Quadruped sequence L1

Video 1: Quadruped sequence teaching and demo

Video 2: Quadruped sequence practise

Video 3: Transition from quadruped pose to sitting

Sitting pose L1

Video: Sitting pose teaching and practise

Legs extended pose L1

Video: Legs extended pose

Diamond pose L1

Video: Diamond pose teaching and practise

MINI SERIES: Wall poses L1

Video 1: 90/90 and high leg poses - teaching and practise (rpt)

Video 2: Wall quadruped sequence

Video 3: Wall diver pose

Practise Flows & Pictures

Video 1: Standing pose to quadruped - with 8 second holds and 1 rest breath

Video 2: Quadruped to lying down - with 8 second holds and 1 rest breath

Video 3: Standing pose to quadruped - with 10 second holds (continuous flow)

Video 4: Quadruped to lying down -  with 10 second holds (continuous flow)