Hypopressives with Alice 

My Prolapse Recovery Story

After my third baby made a surprise arrival on the bathroom floor at my in-laws (not exactly planned, but amazing!), I was really struggling with some significant symptoms of pelvic floor and core weakness.


Pretty early on, I was diagnosed with a moderate bladder prolapse, which felt pretty devastating.


I had everyday limitations because of my symptoms - low heaviness that got increasingly intense as the day went on, leaking when I coughed or sneezed, tampons weren't an option any more and it didn't feel comfortable picking up my children - my core just couldn't take the extra pressure. I couldn't sling my baby, run across the garden with the kiddies or exercise without everything feeling unstable...  I also had a 2.5cm tummy gap (diastasis).

After 18 months, things weren't getting any better despite regular Pelvic Floor Exercises (PFEs). I decided I couldn't carry on like this - and after some frantic internet searching into the early hours, I stumbled across Hypopressives. I came across testimonials written by women who had, like me had issues; had tried Hypopressives and seen huge improvements in their pelvic floor symptoms - some had even experienced a reversal of a diagnosed prolapse.


After some research, and discovering there was nobody who could help me locally, I applied to learn the Hypopressive Breathing & Postural Technique through a Level One trainers course.


Five months later I successfully completed my training and spent several months mastering the technique, including passing my teaching competencies. After a month, I was already noticing improvements in my symptoms which just felt amazing. At two months, my core and pelvic floor felt very different.

At three months my symptoms were, to my relief and delight, no longer noticeable.


My small tummy gap of 2.5cm had also closed completely, and my tummy was noticably flattened. I now run regularly - something I thought would never be possible. 


It's not an exaggeration to say that Hypopressives have been completely life changing for me.


I now coach women and men in the UK and beyond, who want to protect and strengthen their core and pelvic floor, or have pelvic floor symptoms. Many have also experienced life changing results from Hypopressives and are finding the technique fundamental to staying active and living life confidently without leaks, uncomfortable symptoms, surgery or pads.